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With a BS in elementary education and MS in curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (and a associate degree in Accounting), Julie Ann Wood has put her education to good use with over 25 years’ experience as a workshop presenter, trainer and consultant with various organizations and in corporate settings. She is frequently asked by chambers, libraries, schools and universities to present on entrepreneurship and productivity topics. Julie has also consulted with hundreds of companies and organizations to customize content to fit their unique needs.

Entrepreneurship Topics


Using the Biz Ops Game™

Learn to teach business operations in a fun and engaging way. Understand concepts about how gaming is helpful for teaching, what is the Biz Ops Game™ and how the Biz Ops Game™ works and how to play it.

Entrepreneurship 101

Explore topics to understand what is an entrepreneur, how to change to the entrepreneurial mindset, and using your unique abilities to choose a business idea you love.

The Business Model Canvas

Learn about the impact of The Business Model Canvas, a visual one page plan for your business idea, and explore fun case studies and how to apply the Canvas to your own business idea.

Youth Entrepreneurship & You

Explore how the right youth entrepreneurship program can help build loyalty with your community or organization. Topics include why youth entrepreneurship is important, how you can start a youth entrepreneur program that will build loyalty with your community and organization, and low cost options for getting a program in place.

Productivity Topics


Time Management for the 21st Century

Learn to assess where you’re spending your time now, why it is so difficult to change, and hacks for managing your time with tools you are already using.

Conquering Presentations Before They Conquer You

Learn how to craft an effective presentation, how to create effective visuals, what you need to do to help conquer fear when presenting and practicing a presentation of your own.

Basics of Process Management

Understand the basics of process management, including how to map out a process, why process management is so important within an organization, and applying process mapping to your current job.

Your Big 5

Explore how to create new habits to change your life. Topics include identifying your Big 5, putting a system in place to use them and creating your action plan for moving forward.

Let’s Grow Together

Julie Ann Wood can help you develop your own youth entrepreneurship programs, help your organization develop entrepreneurial skills, and help you and your teams do more than you thought possible. Let’s get started!
Julie Ann Wood More Than a Lemonade Stand
Julie Ann Wood Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant
Julie Ann Wood is creator of More Than a Lemonade Stand

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