Biz-Ops Game

Business Operations for Tomorrow’s LEADERS.

E-Seedling’s Biz Ops Game is a simulation board game that teaches business operations in an experiential and fun way (we now include how you can teach the game virtually also).

The game is played in small teams with a teacher/facilitator guiding the teams through the steps of operating a paper airplane transportation business. It is the perfect introduction to business operations as each team creates their own company that designs, decorates, manufactures, tests and sells paper airplanes. You can purchase your kit separately or as part of our youth entrepreneur curriculum bundle. The included video training class also includes everything you need to run the game virtually!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE FULL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP CURRICULUM 

How It Works

  • The Biz-Ops Game™ is a fast-paced facilitated game that takes 60-90 minutes. Teams play simultaneously following the daily operations of a “real” business.
  • Teams come up with a company name, get a loan from the “bank” (which they have to pay back with interest), purchase raw materials, buy office supplies, make and test their product and then demonstrate and sell it to the customer.
  • They play multiple rounds of the game (as time allows) so they can improve their operations and processes as they learn and grow their business.
  • Each team comes up with a budget and then track actual sales and expenses to create an income statement. The team with most profit at the end of the game wins!
  • We now include how to run the game virtually in our included video training course that comes with the Facilitator Kit. 

The Biz Ops Game™ is one of our youth entrepreneur camp favorites and the kids continuously ask “when can we play it again?”

Includes Everything You Need To Play!

The Facilitator Kit includes all supplies & instructions to run the Biz Ops Game for up to 30 students at a time and can be used over and over again! Also included is a teacher video training course so you can implement even faster!

And now, the video training course has been updated to include everything you need to run the Biz Ops Game virtually!

The Biz-Ops Game from eseedling teaches young entrepreneurs how to build and grow a business

6 Game Boards


Financial Record Keeping Sheets


Role Sheets


Quick Start Guide


Complete Facilitator Guide


Play Money


Office Supply Store Board & Items


Roll of Duct Tape


Brief Case for Storage & Transport


Online Video Training Course


The Biz-Ops Game Facilitator Kit


The Facilitator Kit includes a quick start guide, full facilitator guide, office supply store, office supplies, raw materials, financial record keeping sheets, role sheets, play money, in a convenient carrying briefcase to use for up to 30 students at one time. Includes all materials so that the game can be used multiple times for hours of fun and learning. Includes an online Biz Ops Game training course so you can get up and running fast! And Now, the video training course includes everything you need to run the game virtually.

The Biz-Ops Game Home Edition


The favorite game at our Youth Entrepreneur Camps is now available to play with a small group (up to 5 players) at home or in your classroom (makes the perfect addition to your indoor recess game library). The Biz Ops Game Home Edition works great for kids ages 8 and up. You will have a blast competing with each other while running your own paper airplane biz!

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Young entrepreneurs learn the value of product design with the Biz-Ops game from eseedling

The Perfect Addition to Your Classroom

The game has been successfully used with kids ages 9 and up (even adults love it). It’s a great addition to any entrepreneurship, business or social studies curriculum that includes how a business operates. In addition to basic manufacturing business operations the game also teaches creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, business roles and responsibilities, financial record keeping, sales, customer service, and quality control.

Easy to Lead and Play!

The Facilitator Kit comes with a Quick Start Guide, complete Facilitator Guide and all the supplies so you can get up and running quickly.  There are more videos on how to set up the game video on the Julie Ann Wood YouTube channel and The Kit includes a complete free video training course for how to run the Biz Ops Game™.
Young entrepreneurs learn to manage the supply chain as they grow their business with the Biz-Ops Game from eseedling
Young entrepreneurs learning to perfect their product with the Biz-Ops Game from eseedling
Julie Woods of eseedling helps young entrepreneurs learn to run a business with the Biz-Ops Game
Young entrepreneurs test their products in friendly competition with The Biz-Ops Game from eseedling

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