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Problem-solving, leadership skills, creativity, team work, communication and collaboration are all 21st century skills. But the fact is, most schools don’t include youth entrepreneurship to help kids realize these skills in transformative, real-world ways. The Eseedling proven youth entrepreneurship curriculum, lesson plans and teaching tools will help you empower youth through entrepreneurship and help you integrate youth entrepreneurship into your classroom quickly and effectively.  Download the Teacher’s Toolkit (link above) to preview a lesson. 

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And now we have a new opportunity for you to join other teachers and like-minded individuals who have the desire to or are currently Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship – Join our new Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Facebook Group.  (There are 7 teacher training videos and with downloadable worksheets to help you get started fast available in the group).


“I have been able to incorporate the Eseedling material into my 7th grade Exploratory class which is designed to give students a quick overview of the many principles that I teach in my high school business classes, (entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, etc). They really enjoy both the game and the activities/assignments that are offered.” ~Rayna, Business Education Instructor

Eseedling young entrepreneurs
Julie Wood of Eseedling helping young people
Eseedling helps teachers develop young entrepreneurs

Empowering Students to Create Their Own Destiny

Integrating Youth Entrepreneurship helps teach responsibility and an attitude of achievement.
Teaching students at an early age about invention, innovation, inspiration and other skills that go hand in hand with entrepreneurship help them see new potential within themselves. When kids understand when they’re young that they have the potential to start or lead a business one day, they may think differently about their future and realize that, in life, they have many opportunities.

Changing Minds

The entrepreneurship mindset includes problem solving, innovation and creativity (as do math, science and language arts). It’s fun and exciting for kids to see how applying textbook lessons can have real-world impact.

Ready for the World

It’s frustrating to hear students wonder “why do I even need to learn this?” Entrepreneurship helps them learn the tangible impact of everything from making change and balancing a checkbook to working with teams and developing stronger writing skills.

Shifting Perspective

You’re probably already teaching what a young entrepreneur needs to succeed. Eseedling can help you reframe those lessons for creating a business, helping kids see the possibilities of what they’re already learning.

Teachers, do you have a P.O.? Email Julie and we’ll work with you to get you just what you need!


For the Do-It-Yourselfer

Several packages of the Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum to fit your specific needs – even if you don’t have staff resources to make it happen. A full turn-key option helps you plan, market and run the curriculum and the More Than a Lemonade Stand Book will help you if you are truly A DIYer. 

Biz-Ops Game

Engage youth with this fun, interactive game that simulates running a paper airplane business, teaching business operations, team work & collaboration  in less than 90 minutes. The facilitator kit also comes with a free teacher training course to get you up and running fast! 

Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum

Lead your own entrepreneurship experiences with this complete curriculum that includes all the essential resources you need! With our new Member Group you can implement it even faster as we guide you through the 5 stages of Idea to Impact and Beyond! 

Entrepreneurship Education Bundle

If you’re ready to get going and implement a complete Youth Entrepreneurship Program, this is the package for you. You get the complete Curriculum (includes Power Points, teaching notes and student workbook), the Biz-Ops Game Facilitator kit and the More Than A Lemonade Stand guidebook.

Teacher/Facilitator Training

The Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum is designed to accommodate. Run a 3-5  day camp, or break it into shorter segments to easily implement as an after-school or even a one-day  program. Need help figuring out what works best for you? We’re happy to assist.


Customization For Your Classroom

We can help tailor the Youth Entrepreneurship curriculum specifically for your kids, from elementary to middle school or high school. Let’s schedule a free consultation to discuss!

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