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Do you have a passion to empower youth through entrepreneurship but not sure where to start? With Eseedling’s proven youth entrepreneur curriculum and training tools you can save time and gain the confidence you need to make the difference you desire. 

I understand that getting started with finding a youth entrepreneur curriculum that is affordable and has a proven success record can be overwhelming. I also understand how much time it takes to learn and implement the solution.

Over the past 12 years, I have taught thousands of young entrepreneurs and helped organizations and teachers in 33 states and 13 countries implement entrepreneurship so that they could  empower youth through entrepreneurship.

Each child has special strengths and talents, and developing the skills to create a business helps them create a fulfilling and rewarding life. I can’t wait to help you get growing!

– Julie Ann Wood, Entrepreneur and Founder

P.S. Want to join a community of persons who are passionate about empowering through entrepreneurship?  Join the new Facebook group Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship! (There are 7 free lessons complete with downloadable handouts that you can access through the group)!

I have taught thousands of young entrepreneurs, learning so much from the kids as I witness their increase in confidence and self-esteem. Each child has special strengths and talents, and developing the skills to create a business empowers them create a fulfilling and rewarding life. I can’t wait to help you get growing!

And NOW we have a new Membership Group with teacher training and NEW lesson plans each month so that you implement and make a difference empowering youth even faster! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

– Julie Ann Wood, Founder

Make a positive difference in the development of youth, connect the real world to classroom learning and keep your students engaged in learning with our proven experiential learning curriculum.

Save time with powerful ready-made teaching scripts, PowerPoint decks, step-by-step instructions and worksheets that introduce entrepreneurship and the 21st century skills necessary for career success like teamwork, collaboration, problem solving and persistence. AND our brand NEW membership group will help you implement it even faster so that you can make the difference you desire! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Youth Entrepreneur Camp

Learn how to start and run your own business and develop leadership and teamwork skills, all while having a blast! Don’t want to wait for our summer camps? Available in an online format also.

Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum

Lead your own entrepreneurship program or class by purchasing a site license that includes all the essential resources you need!

Biz-Ops Game

Engage young entrepreneurs with this fun, interactive game where teams run paper airplane businesses to learn business operations. Purchase the kit to add engagement and fun while learning. 

Consulting, Coaching & Speaking

We’re here to help you implement your youth entrepreneur program or figure out how to fit entrepreneurship into your existing program.

Let’s get growing.

We want to help you empower entrepreneurship in kids and your community. Learn more about the resources we have for you.


Youth Entrepreneurship helps empower youth, building and engaging your community. From youth camps to civic organizations, we can help you create something special.


Connect students with the real world with modules, lesson plans, and guidance you need to quickly and easily implement Youth Entrepreneurship into your classroom.


Nurture your aspiring entrepreneur or help your child realize their strengths and talents to make a difference. Our tools and activities help empower your kids as they learn to run their own business.

Let’s get knowing.

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