What age kids is the curriculum best suited for?

The More Than a Lemonade Stand Curriculum was originally designed for middle-school aged kids.  With that said, it has been used with great success for kids ages 9 – 15.  Since it is modular in nature, it can easily be adapted to different age groups. The Biz Ops Game and the Lemonade Stand Activities can really be used for any age from and 8 and up. If you need customization, fill out our contact form with your specific needs and we will set up a call to discuss.

Do I have to use the curriculum as a week-long camp?

No, Although the curriculum builds on the concepts of business entrepreneurship and includes 30 plus hours of lessons and activities, you can definitely pick and choose the modules that fits best with your unique situation. We have created several different detailed schedules including ones for full days, half days, classroom periods and afterschool programs. The schedules spell out exactly how long each activity takes so that you can plug and play into your program. If you need a specific schedule, just fill out our contact form and we’ll put one together for you.

I want to start a youth entrepreneur program in our area but how do I get started?

The More Than a Lemonade Stand book has everything you need to do to put a program in place.  It includes a step-by-step guide and checklist from Six months out right up to the day your program begins. It includes what resources you need to have, what supplies to order by when and what forms need to be completed. If you still need more help, fill out the Contact us form and we’ll set up a free phone call to get you headed in the right direction. We also offer onsite assistance and teaching with your program (we also have an online course to help you out).

How easy is it to implement the youth entrepreneur curriculum?

The curriculum comes with a getting started document and lesson plans. The Power Point slides include the entire teaching scripts in the notes pages.  You can edit them to fit your specific way of teaching.  To see and edit the scripts when you are in PowerPoint; click on View, Note Pages. To print out the Notes Pages and put them in a binder for your use as a teaching guide, Click Print and Choose Notes Pages.

Are there any rules for using the youth entrepreneur curriculum?

When you are purchasing the curriculum, you are purchasing a site license for the person/organization who purchases it. If an individual purchases the curriculum, they can use it for their own teachings. If an organization purchases the curriculum, it is a single site license for that organization.  If you would like a multiple site license, please fill out the contact form with your request and we will follow up with pricing.  The slides and scripts can be customized, and your logo can be added, we just ask that the Eseedling copyright stays on the slides.  Many users have added their logos to slides alongside the Eseedling Logo and branding.

What is included in the Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum includes: What is an Entrepreneur, Choosing a Business Idea, Financials for Start-ups, Branding, Marketing, Selling, Business Model Canvas, Business Ethics & Professionalism, Customer Service, Presentation Skills and the Lemonade Stand Team Activity.

How do I know if the kids are learning anything about being an entrepreneur?

There are multiple answers to this question. In the More Than a Lemonade Stand book is there is a sample pre/post-test that you can use in your program to let you know if they are learning. The curriculum also has some outputs built into it such as an oral presentation of their business idea and a poster presentation. They also work on a business model canvas which develops their business idea. These can all be used to measure their learning.

Can I use the youth entrepreneur curriculum for an after-school program?

Yes, you can definitely use the Eseedling curriculum in an after-school setting. We have several schedules we have developed and are happy to email them to you so you can see examples of how it has been put together. We can also work with you on customizing the schedule to fit your specific needs.

What is the Biz Ops Game?

The Biz Ops Game is a fast paced board game where the kids are divided up in small teams of 4-5 kids.  Each team runs their own paper airplane company.  They assign roles within their team of accountant, salesperson, buyer, designer and product tester.  They start with a $200 loan from the bank which they have pay back with interest. Teams come up with their company name, design, build and test their airplanes on a duct tape runway. They have to buy raw materials and office supplies to decorate their planes based on the theme for each level. They sell their airplanes to the customer and then repeat the process for the next level.  The game board allows teams to repeat the process for up to 5 levels. The teams must budget for their expenses and then track actual expenses and sales and create a mini income statement.  The team with the most profit wins. With debriefing, the game takes about 90 minutes and works best to play in one session or divided into two 45 minute sessions.

Do you have youth entrepreneur camps in locations other than Madison, Wisconsin?

There are several camps and programs in the United States using the Eseedling curriculum.  If you fill out the contact form, we can check and see if there is a program in your area. We are working on building a database that we can have on our site so you can check their schedules.

As a parent; I want to help my kids with entrepreneurship and business, where should I start?

We have a Kindle book on Amazon titled “You’re Never Too Young to Start a Business”, this is a great place to help your kids get started.  We also have a “You’re Never Too Young to Start a Business” Baking Kit for kids who are interested in starting a baking business. If you click on Shop, Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum and scroll to the bottom and click on Browse you can visit our Shopify store for more information.  The Biz Ops Game also comes in a home edition which is great fun to play for up to 6 players. We just released our Online Business Boot Camp for kids – it includes video lessons, activities and worksheets to help your kids get their business up and running.  You can try it for free – there is a link on the Shop – Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum page.

Do you have online training?

Yes, we just released our Business Boot Camp for Kids which includes video lessons and worksheets for our core curriculum. You can try it for free – there is a link on the Shop – Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum page. We also have a video teacher training course that is included in the Biz Ops Game Facilitator Kit.  It goes through how to set up, implement and run the game.  We are working on more teacher training so we can make it even easier to implement the curriculum.

Do I need to buy any supplies to implement the Biz Ops Game?

No everything is included in the facilitator kit to be able to run the game for up to 30 students at one time. The only thing that will need to be replenished, once they are used up, are the Raw Materials (plain paper), the Role Sheets & Financial Record Keeping sheets (make copies) and the Duct Tape (lasts quite a while). I have been using the same kit since 2015 and it still looks and works great.

If you have additional questions, please fill out our contact form and we’ll try to answer it as best and as quickly as we can (usually within 2 business days). You can always contact us at juliewood@eseedling.com or by phone at 608-332-9836.


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