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Youth Entrepreneur Program Do It Yourself Guide

This guide is a resource that you will use over and over again for planning and implementing not only your youth entrepreneur programs but the detailed planning checklist can be used for any event you are planning. A PTO president once said to me that she uses it for all the events she plans!The activities in the book are modular in nature, you can choose the activities that fit best into your existing program or class.

The book includes:

  1. A complete planning checklist and detailed planning procedures starting from six months out  
  2. Camp schedules that have been used successfully (so you know what to teach, when)
  3. Pre & post assessments to measure learning
  4. Instructions to create the Biz Ops Game™ a fun and engaging game that teaches basic business operations 
  5. The how to run the Lemonade Stand Team “apprentice style” activity
  6. Choosing the ideal business idea for the kids to work on
  7. Business basics to include
  8. Creating business presentations, business posters and business cards
  9. Free online resource where you can download electronic copies to use
  10. Video resources
  11. Campfire Tips so you don’t have to learn the hard way

“I started entrepreneurship when I was a kid and and continued onto adulthood and have learned many lessons the hard way! If kids can learn about entrepreneurship at a young age, they can learn those lessons early in a low-risk environment.  They are our future business persons and I feel compelled to not only teach them but to help other like-minded adults implement programs in their areas. Entrepreneurship is an amazing way to empower our kids to see that they can make a difference by solving problems and make a difference! I hope you will join me in this journey!” ~Julie Ann Wood, Author More Than a Lemonade Stand

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What the Readers are saying…

“This is like having a Julia Child cookbook. If you follow the recipe you know it will be perfect. After you’ve done it a few times, you can vary the recipe to suit your taste. Bon Appetit!”  ~Joan Gillman, founder of University of Wisconsin-Madison Family Business Center, former director of USASBE and author of Business Plans that Work.

“More Than a Lemonade Stand is a great reference book for hosting your own youth entrepreneur camp. I like that it can be either used as a turnkey planning option or you can pick and choose the ideas that best fit your needs.” ~Michelle Somes-Booher, Center Director at University of Wisconsin-Madison Small Business Development Center and Entrepreneur.

“When I was a kid going to camp, if there was anything even close to the Biz Ops Game, I would have been so much better prepared for my young entrepreneurial endeavors running a paper route, mowing lawns and shoveling snow before I could get a real job at 16. I would have known how to calculate my actual income after taking into account direct & indirect costs and just as importantly, I would have been exposed to all these concepts at a much earlier age so college level financial and managerial accounting wouldn’t have been such foreign concepts. Anything that’s a step-by-step guide to running a particular business is incredibly valuable and you leave nothing out when it comes to the requisite preparation, materials, staff, etc. It makes me want to help run a youth entrepreneur camp :-)” ~Spencer X Smith, Owner, Social Media Expert and Business Consultant at Spencer X Smith Consulting.

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