Eseedling helps your organization empower youth through entrepreneurship and create the succession plan your communities to keep them thriving into the future! 

Youth Entrepreneurship for organizations, AFTER SChool clubs & camps

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Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship can connect kids and their families to their local economy and help them realize that there are viable career options and opportunities in the community they are growing up in. It can help your community create the succession plan it needs to thrive into the future!

Implementing a program for youth entrepreneurs can help deepen your relationship with families in your community, build loyalty with existing members of your organization and help build new relationships and partnerships.

Our proven youth entrepreneur curriculum with 35 hours of engaging lessons and interactive activities that will teach kids business basics, connect them to local entrepreneurs, allow them to experience running a business and empower kids to start their own business. Our curriculum has been used in schools, youth organizations, after school programs and summer camps since 2008. Purchasing a site license which includes PowerPoints, Lesson Plans, Teaching Scripts and Student worksheets, for use in your organization will make it easy for you to get your program up and running fast. Click HERE TO LEARN MORE.   

AND NOW our 2 NEW Teacher Training options can take you from Idea to Impact even faster! Each option includes teacher video training modules, worksheets, and much more! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


Eseedling helps community organizations and chambers of commerce

Make an Impact

Think back to when you were a kid and experienced something really special.


Think about a mentor, coach, teacher or experience that helped you achieve something big or learn something new. Maybe something that changed your life. When you help kids realize their goals and dreams, you’re planting seeds that can flourish, and you’re energizing the young people in your community.

A youth entrepreneurship program can help create loyalty and interest, highlighting businesses or people in your community or showing the faces and stories that inspire ambition. 

We want to help Empower 100,000 Youth Through Entrepreneurship by 2025 and we know we can do it with your help!  Our curriculum and teacher training combo can help you put it into action and help Empower our youth not only in business but in life! 


Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations

The fact is, it’s tough to start and keep a business running and many communities suffer from churn on main street. Schools don’t generally include entrepreneurship in their curricula, leaving a gap for the skills training necessary for learning the basics of building a business. E-seedling wants to help you bridge that gap by helping you start a youth entrepreneur program in your community.

Starting a program with middle-school aged kids – or even younger! – can help kids see entrepreneurship as a viable career option that can impact your community in a few years.

People each day are turning 65 and nearing retirement. Organizing Youth Entrepreneurship in your community helps you develop a succession plan for Main Street!

Budget Friendly

Resources are tight – we understand. The Complete E-seedling Entrepreneurship  bundle site license is priced at just $299, making it affordable for any budget. Still too much? You can get started with our digital downloads for just $159. Click HERE to Learn More.


Flexible Design

The Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum is designed in a  modular format. This allows you to customize it to fit your needs. Run a 5 day camp, or break it into shorter after-school or one-day program. Need help figuring out what works best for you? Contact us -we’re here to help.

Teacher Training

We now have 2 different teacher training options to help you implement your Youth Entrepreneurship Program even faster. If you don’t have staff resources to make it happen, we can even provide onsite staff to run your camp. Click HERE to Learn More.

Youth Organizations and Camps

Learning real-life skills is a fun, engaging way to help kids share new experiences that can change their lives. Youth entrepreneurship helps develop problem-solving, leadership, creativity, teamwork, communication and collaboration skills – plus the kids have a blast working through challenges and discovering new ideas and abilities.

Eseedling can help you run a successful youth entrepreneurship initiative in your organization or camp with resources, guides, curriculum or on-site facilitation.

Young business professionals learn the value of teamwork with eseedling from Julie Wood

Solutions for Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations, Youth Organizations and Camps


For the Do-It-Yourselfer

There are several options for the Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum to fit your specific needs. The modular design lets you pick & choose what works best for you.

Biz-Ops Game

Engage young entrepreneurs with this fun, interactive game that simulates running a paper airplane business. Students work together in teams to learn  business operations in less than 90 minutes.

Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum

The Full bundle includes everything you need to lead your own entrepreneurship experience. The site license  includes all the essential resources you need!

Affordable for even the Smallest Budget

Organization resources are tight – we understand. The Core Eseedling Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum is priced at just $159, making it affordable for any budget. We also have ideas to help you pay for your youth entrepreneur program  the very first time you run it!

Flexible Design to Fit Your Needs

The Youth Entrepreneurship Curriculum design is flexible so that you can customize it to fit your needs. Run a 5 day camp, or break it into shorter segments for an after-school or one-day program. Need help figuring out what products works best for you? We’re here to assist.


Teacher Training or On-Site Assistance

Are you hesitant to purchase the curriculum because you are not sure how to implement & teach it? We now have 2 NEW Online Teacher Training options to help you implement your program fast and effectively. We can also provide on-site assistance if you need it.  

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