Know an aspiring young entrepreneur?  Here are 10 great gift ideas that will help the young entrepreneur in your life get their businesses going, run their business better, earn money, learn about business and have fun! These are all under $50 as not to break your wallet! (NOTE: I will be posting my favorite books for young entrepreneurs and favorite teacher books and gifts coming up in the next few weeks).


  • For Teenagers – the Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox by Anthony O’Neal is available at the Dave Ramsey online store. This toolbox will help your teen set goals, figure out a business idea, price your products or services, create a marketing plan, learn about customer service and focus on the future. It is currently available for $44.99 and includes several bonuses. It makes a great gift for your young teen entrepreneur.
  • For younger kids (ages 3-12) – Financial Peace Jr. by Dave Ramsey. This is also available at the Dave Ramsey online store. This kit teaches kids about four basic concepts: working, spending, saving and giving. This is an essential skill for kids and is why we included it on our gift idea list for the young entrepreneur.
  • BOSS Club Kits. There are three business kits to help the young entrepreneur start a business. They can choose from including a dog treat business, bath bomb business and cake pop business. The kits include a guidebook for starting the business and all the ingredients to create the products. Refill kits are also available. The kits are $39.99 and available on the BOSS Club Website.
  • Biz Ops Game Home Edition. This is the home version of the Biz Ops Game that is used in the Eseedling More Than a Lemonade Stand Youth Entrepreneur Camps. This home edition is for kids ages 8 and up. Each player runs their own paper airplane business and then rotates between the business owner and the customer who is buying the airplanes. The entrepreneur that sells the most airplanes and makes the most profit wins. This is a great board game gift for the young entrepreneur and their family. The home edition of the Biz Ops Game is available for $24.99 (includes free shipping in the US) at the Eseedling Website.
  • You’re Never Too Young to Start a Business; Business Baking Kit. Based on the You’re Never Too Young to Start a Business Kindle Book, this new Business Baking Kit includes a guidebook to help kids start their own baking business (and use as a reference for future business endeavors), a child size apron, measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatula, a parent letter, business card forms and procedures for creating them, and favorite memory recipe cards with their own story. The Business Baking Kit is a great gift for the young entrepreneur who loves to bake and is available for $39.95 (includes free shipping in the US) at the Eseedling Shopify Store.


  • A really nice notebook – this is a must for any young entrepreneur! Anytime you have an idea or want to take notes about something you are learning, you can jot them down in your notebook. There are many available online and in bookstores, so find one with an inspiring cover and keep it with you wherever you go.
  • Business Card Holder – a business card holder keeps your business cards from looking used and worn out. A great gift for the young entrepreneur to put in their backpack and will have them with them wherever they go. There are several options available on Amazon.
  • A Padfolio – This is a folder that contains, a pad of paper and pen. Most padfolios also include a front pocket folder and a place to put your business cards.  Some also include a calculator.  A padfolio will help others take the young entrepreneur seriously with their professional and organized appearance in any meeting they attend.  They are available at your local office store and on Amazon.
  • Selfie Ring Light – Entrepreneurs should be using video to promote their business. A Ring Light is an inexpensive way to light up your environment when the lighting conditions are not the best. There are several options online at Amazon including options that include a tripod along with the light. Most options are $35 and under.
  • A Microphone – Another item that is useful for videos is a microphone. This keep background noise out of the video.  Again, there are several options available on Amazon and many are under $25.00.  You need to make sure they fit your camera and/or phone before purchasing.

I hope you found this top 10 gift idea list for young entrepreneurs helpful.  If you have a product that you would like us to include in our list, please email me at . If you would like to learn more about eseedling’s youth entrepreneur camps and curriculum visit .

Julie Ann Wood is the author of More Than a Lemonade Stand and the Chief Cultivator at Eseedling, LLC. Her mission is to help empower youth through entrepreneurship and help our communities create the succession plan they need to keep their economies strong into the future.