What is the Biz Ops Game™?Biz Ops Game: A Business Simulation game for kids

The Biz Ops Game™ is a fun and engaging board game that teaches basic business operations.

It is the perfect introduction to business operations as kids work in small teams to run all aspects of a paper air transportation company. Each team (company) designs, manufactures, tests and sells paper airplanes. They are paid for their airplanes according to quality (flying them straight and accurate on the duct tape runway) and customer requirements (themes, colors and creativity). The team with the highest profit wins!

How does the Biz Ops Game™ work?

It is a fast-paced facilitated game that takes 60-90 minutes. Teams play simultaneously following the daily operations of a “real” business. Teams come up with a company name, get a loan from the bank (which they have to pay back with interest), purchase raw materials, buy office supplies, make and test their product and then demonstrate and sell it to the customer. Each team must come up with a budget and then track actual sales and expenses to create an income statement. The team with most profit at the end of the game wins!

The Biz Ops Game™ is kid favorite and they continuously ask “when can we play it again?”

What does the Biz Ops Game™ teach and who is it for?

The game has been successfully used with kids ages 9 and up (even adults). It works for anyone who needs to learn basic business operations. In addition to basic manufacturing business operations the game teaches creativity, teamwork, business roles and responsibilities, financial record keeping, sales, customer service, and quality control.

How do I implement the Biz Ops Game™?

The Kit comes with a Quick Start Guide and a complete Facilitator Guide so you can get up and running quickly.  There is also a how to set up the game video on the Julie Ann Wood YouTube channel. We are also working on an online course for teaching the Biz Ops Game™ (due out May 31st).

What’s Included in the Facilitator Kit ($89)?

The Facilitator Kit includes all supplies & instructions to run the Biz Ops Game™ for up to 30 students at a time and can be used over and over again! Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 game boards
  • financial record keeping sheets

    Biz Ops Game Kit Contents

    Biz Ops Game Facilitator Kit Contents.

  • role sheets
  • quick start guide
  • complete facilitator guide
  • play money
  • office supply store board and office supply items
  • roll of duct tape
  • brief case for easy game transport & storage



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**New** due to “kid” demand – The Biz Ops Game™ Home Edition ($22)

Includes everything to play the game for 2-6 players for ages 8 and up. Now the entire family can learn to run a business the fun way!

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