More Than a Lemonade Stand is what youth entrepreneur programs are all about.

Have you ever been someplace and all of sudden that light bulb goes – you know it – that ‘aha’ moment.

When I was at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy a few years ago – I was working in a small group and explaining the youth entrepreneur camps that I was working on. That they include kids creating their own business, running a business by using the Biz Ops Game, learning business basics, visiting local entrepreneurs and running a team lemonade stand competition.

I used the words, “it’s More Than a Lemonade Stand” and someone in our group said “that would be a great name”. That’s when the light bulb went on!  I thought to myself, wow, she’s right – and the More Than a Lemonade Stand Youth Entrepreneur Camps and Training were born.

One thing that Brendon Burchard told us, that really stuck in my head, was to pick one thing and stick with it for two years.  I do have to say that was really good advice – I for one have no lack of ideas so it will definitely be a challenge- but I think what it does for me is help me stay focused on what my goal is.

This has actually helped me move toward it faster than I ever imagined possible. Sometimes it feels like it’s moving a bit fast, I signed my first book publishing agreement for More Than a Lemonade Stand with Morgan James publishing and I am learning so much about the publishing industry, editing, and publicity all while writing my book (and working full-time so I can actually afford to do all of this)!  I’m so grateful that I’ve been fortunate to learn so much in a short time from experts in the industry and hope to continue on my journey in the next 2 years (and beyond).

Update:  I am happy to say that I have continued on my More Than a Lemonade Stand journey and now have not only the More Than a Lemonade Stand book but also the More Than a Lemonade Stand youth entrepreneur curriculum.  As of 2019, it is being used in 16 states and 7 countries. I am hoping to further the reach of empowerment through entrepreneurship in the years to come.

Julie Ann Wood is the author of More Than a Lemonade Stand and You’re Never too Young to Start a Business. She is the creator of a complete youth entrepreneur curriculum that can be implemented as a whole or in modules.  She also created the Biz Ops Game, a fast paced business board game where teams run and operate their own paper airplane businesses. You can learn more about Julie Ann Wood and the Youth Entrepreneur Curriculum and Camps at