lemonade-logoWhat is included in the More Than a Lemonade Stand™ Curriculum?

The curriculum consists of a 30 plus hour hands-on adventure for young entrepreneurs and includes:

  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Basic business skills including accounting basics, marketing and sales, branding, customer service and business operations
  • The Business Model Canvas Lean Startup Tool
  • The Biz Ops Game™ Facilitator Kit (a board game that teaches basic business operations)
  • How to find Guest speakers and field trips for young entrepreneurs
  • Activities to help young entrepreneurs develop their business idea, business presentation and business cards
  • A Team Lemonade Stand “Apprentice Style” Competition that earns real money
  • An awards ceremony and poster session for friends and families
  • Videos and internet resources for an engaging multi-media experience
  • Games and activities that improve self-confidence and develop leadership skills
  • Business Ethics, Etiquette, Presentation Skills and Professionalism

What Benefits do the kids get from the curriculum?

  • Realize their unique talents and passions
  • Take problems and turn them into opportunities
  • Experience first hand how they contribute and make a difference
  • Discover entrepreneurship as a way to empower their self and improve their self-confidence
  • Utilize collaboration, leadership and business skills that they can use in the future
  • Learn that entrepreneurship could be a viable career option for them
  • Apply Math, Technology, English & Communication Skills into real-life situations

Why was the curriculum developed?

As a teacher and entrepreneur, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist with the Youth Entrepreneur Camp at my employer (University of Wisconsin-Madison Small Business Development Center). In 2008, the youth entrepreneur camp at the UW-Madison was in jeopardy of being discontinued due to budget cuts (at the time we hired a consultant to teach the camp). I was very passionate about the program so I proposed to rewrite the curriculum so that we could teach it in-house and the new curriculum was born. It was a great success and I started getting phone calls from others who wanted to implement youth entrepreneurship. That’s when I got the idea to start my own business, write the book and create a new and improved curriculum and game so other people could easily implement their own youth entrepreneurship program (without having to spend hours to create and test it). The activities are proven and have been used for hundreds of kids ages 9 and up to introduce entrepreneurship in an experiential way since 2008.

The current version of the curriculum comes with an electronic facilitator guide (PowerPoint format with complete teaching notes) in a modular format and electronic student work book (in PDF format).  Full Color 52 page printed student workbooks are also available if you don’t have the time or resources to print them for each student.


2017 Madison youth entrepreneur camps registration is now closed; 2018 registration will open in February. For more details email juliewood@eseedling.com.

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Download a Free Excerpt from the More Than A Lemonade Stand – Student Workbook

I love teaching young entrepreneurs each summer and want you to be able to experience the joy and satisfaction in knowing that you are making a difference in developing today’s youth.  I have put together some amazing offers to make it fast and easy for you to implement what it has taken me years to develop. Visit the Products and Services Page to learn more about available options or email juliewood@eseedling.com for more information.

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