The YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR CLUB 2018 for kids ages 10-14 in Madison, WI starts February 9th and is open for registration in Madison, WI. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
The E-Seedling, More Than a Lemonade Stand™ Youth Entrepreneur Camp curriculum was originally developed for the UW-Madison Small Business Development Center in 2008 and has been improved ever since. The curriculum includes engaging activities that focus on the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.  To find out more about the More Than a Lemonade Stand Curriculum Click here.
 E-seedling Believes in Giving Back! 10% of  sales fund scholarships for the More Than a Lemonade Stand Youth Entrepreneur Camps so all kids have the chance to become an entrepreneur. 

Lemonade Stand Team Competition activity kit 

This is the #1 Favorite at our Youth Entrepreneur Camps! Includes the Electronic PowerPoint files with teaching notes and a PDF version of the student worksheets. Everything you need to run the “Apprentice Style” Lemonade Stand competition. (Does not include the actual lemonade stand, or supplies to run the stand).

More Than a Lemonade Stand Book

More Than a Lemonade Stand (Book)

The  complete guide to planning, implementing and running a successful youth entrepreneur Camp. This is the perfect way to get an overall view of what putting on a successful camp entails including the planning, curriculum and marketing. Perfect for Teachers, Parents, Youth Organizations, Camps & Communities who are interested in adding entrepreneurship. Visit the More Than a Lemonade Stand Book page For More Detailed Information.

Facilitator Teaching Guide & Student Workbook – Electronic Files

Facilitator Guide in Power Point Format with teaching notes and PDF of the student workbook. Six modules including: choosing a biz idea, financial basics, customer service, business model canvas, marketing, sales & branding, & more!

Full Color 52 Page Printed Student Workbooks

Don’t have the time or resources to print your own workbooks? Now you can purchase these full color Printed Student Workbooks – 52 pages. Free Shipping for a limited time.

BEST VALUE Entrepreneurship Education Bundle

Everything you need to get up and running fast!  Includes More Than a Lemonade Stand™ E-Facilitator Guide, E-Student Workbook, Biz Ops Game™ Facilitator Kit and More Than a Lemonade Stand™ book. Free Online Biz Ops Game™ Training Course included for a Limited Time.

Biz Ops Game: A Busniness Adventure

Biz Ops Game™ Facilitator kit

Biz Ops Game™ Facilitator kit includes all supplies so you can teach business operations in the funnest & easiest way. Includes a Free online Biz Ops Game™ Training Course for a limited time. Visit the Biz Ops Game page for more info.

Biz Ops Game – Home Edition

Due to “kid” demand – the camp favorite Biz Ops Game™ is now available in a Home Edition.  This board game is for 2-6 players ages 9 and up. Perfect for fun at home or a rainy recess time at school!

You're Never too Young to Start a Business ebook cover

You’re Never too Young to Start a Business™  – Kindle Edition

For entrepreneurs ages 10 & up. Guides you through choosing a business idea, testing the idea and creating a viable business. Free downloadable worksheets included.

TURNKEY CAMP – Planning, Implementation, Training and Running

Includes up to 6, 30 minute phone calls, and camp assistance onsite assisting your staff during your event for up to 5 1/2 days. Includes one Entrepreneurship Education Bundle. Does not include travel expenses and dates are limited – call 608-332-9836 or email juliewood@eseedling.com to schedule.

2 day Train the Trainer Interactive workshop for your Staff

Interactive Training for your staff for the More Than a Lemonade Stand curriculum at your location. Includes one Entrepreneurship Education bundle. Does not include travel expenses. Or come to Madison, WI  and we can add a location charge. Call 608-332-9836 or email juliewood@eseedling.com to schedule.

Biz Ops Game™ onsite interactive staff training – for up to 30

Biz Ops Game Teacher Training 1/2 day at your location for to 30 teachers. Includes 1 Biz Ops Game Facilitator Kit. Does not include travel expenses. If you want to travel to Madison instead – we can add a location cost.
Call  608-332-9836 or email juliewood@eseedling.com to schedule.

Hourly Consulting = $75 per hour; call (888-907-1591 to set up a free consultation)

Hourly consulting is available at $75 per hour to help customize, plan and implement your youth entrepreneurship education program. Contact juliewood@eseedling.com to schedule.

2 day Interactive Camp Teacher Workshop

Just like the kids, you will learn the More Than a Lemonade Stand curriculum in this 2 day Interactive Experiential Trainer workshop. Watch for future dates and more information. join our mailing list or email juliewood@eseedling.com if interested.