Have you Organized your Stuff Yet?

Whenever I get back from any conference, and Author 101 University is no exception, I have a pile of notes, handouts, marketing materials, business cards, and emails to deal with. I usually pull the stuff out of my bag and put it on the table; being a bit overwhelmed it just sits there for a day or two (or more) – Sound familiar?!

So since I’m a Franklin Covey Facilitator I thought I should practice what I preach!  So I set up a system to organize all my stuff from the conference.  I thought this might help others so I thought I would share my step-by-step process (if’s always easier to break it down)!

author101-folders1) Gather empty file folders and labels and label them with the different speakers or programs or subjects for instance I have folders for each of the speakers (or their subject title which ever works best for you).  So I have a folder for: Starley Murray, Tom Antion, Move People to Action, Morgan James, Right Book Right Now and so on.  Then I just put the papers in the folder (from my pile) that they go with.  I also have a folder for my Website, my book, and my products where I put ideas, content, etc. into. Then I put them in a folder organizer (not sure what these are called so I included a picture) next to be desk – since I’m a visual person, I like to see them!

2) Set up the same folders in your emails. Use the same categories you have for paper as you do for emails – it will be so much easier to find them!  Then move your emails from you in box and your sent box into the associated folder. If you don’t know how to do this – email me at juliewood@eseedling.com and I can help you out!

3) Go through your notes and file in the appropriate folders (or you can scan and save them electronically). You probably have pages of notes to organize (if you’re anything like me) so you may need to sift a little before filing.  One thing I try to do when I’m at a conference is keep my note pages so that I only have one speaker on a page so I can easily organize when I get home.

4) Go through your pile of business cards and enter them in your email software (hopefully have one such as mail chimp, constant contact, aweber, infusionsoft).  If you don’t have one – get one now! If you are using a true CRM system – enter any pertinent information you want to keep track of (you won’t remember it a month from now)!

5) Make a Master To Do List and prioritize!  Either as you are organizing or after you’ve organized make a Master list with all the things you want to do.  Then go back and prioritize.  Once prioritized, assign deadlines and measures (goals) so that you stay on track.

I hope that helps get you going!  I would love to hear your comments and what tips you have that work well for you!  Julie Wood, chief cultivator, seedling, llc







Are you building your platform?

I’ve been back a week from Author 101 University and I finally sifted through all the materials and started getting to work on the 3 things I wrote down to focus on: 1) Build my platform (more on that in a moment), 2) Finish writing my book, 3) Follow up and write thanks with contacts.  If there is one thing I learned at Author 101 University (besides you must have a book proposal if you writing a non-fiction book) is you need a platform!  Basically, if you want someone to publish your book, you must have a following (a platform).  We learned at Author 101 that there are many ways to go about building your platform.  We learned that you need to get out and share your expertise either in person or online (or both)!  Free content is a good way to start building your credibility, making an impact and building your platform.  So, in addition to writing the book (thankfully, I already finished the book proposal), I will be putting together some free content to help others with entrepreneurship.  I also have a few ideas for a kindle book which we also learned could help build your platform.  So, what are you doing to make an impact and build your platform?


Throwing a Wrench in the Works

From what all the experts say, writing a book is the number #1 way to build your credibility.  When I was thinking about starting a youth entrepreneur camp business, it never occurred to me that I would be writing a book.  Then I went to Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard, he brought to the stage Rick Frishman from Morgan James publishing telling us that the number #1 way to build credibility was to publish a book.  Talk about throwing a wrench in the works; did I need to stop working on my business and write a book?  The really funny thing is when I woke up the next morning, there I was at my computer writing (a book).

I remember looking back about 6 years ago when I was going to go back to school after leaving corporate America. I wanted to get recertified in elementary education so I could go back into teaching. An advisor at UW-Madison said to me, “you should think about graduate school.”  Mind you, I was 47 years old; another wrench in the works?!  Okay that was a bit of a regression but I do have a point here.

Anyway, I have been working on my book (really my book proposal which is what you have to do first), and it is not only interesting and challenging but doing the research for it will definitely make my business idea better in the end.  In the book proposal, you have to look at competitive books, how you are going to market your book, and who you are going to market to.  These are very important in business and researching them for the book will definitely help me in the long run.

Now, back to my earlier point – maybe sometimes we need to have a wrench thrown in the works to get us looking at things from another perspective and help us move forward!